Peter Maurice Technical Director for Sanderson Associates (Consulting Engineers) Ltd of Huddersfield is pleased to see a gentle increase in the number of clients requesting help in the preparation of applications for submission to the SuDS Approval Bodies (SAB) in Welsh local councils. Peter said ‘Over the last couple of months we have received interest from a number of clients and developers who are working with Welsh local authorities, to help them with their SuDS design and applications’.

This follows the introduction of legislation on 7th January 2019 which placed a duty on all developers or construction organisations to submit to the SAB their sustainable drainage solutions for their site. The SAB is a statutory function delivered by the local authority to ensure that drainage proposals for all new developments of more than 1 house or where the construction area is equal to or greater than 100m2 are designed and built in accordance with the national standards for sustainable drainage published by Welsh Ministers.

This is the latest instalment of the Welsh Governments regulations and guidance to support their Well-being for the Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 primarily introduced to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales and which placed a duty on public bodies to carry out sustainable development.

So whether you’re a developer, civil engineering contractor, agent, architect or an individual looking to develop in Wales and you think that you exceed the threshold of 1 house or 100m2 give Sanderson Associates a call on 01924 844080 or visit our website at to see if we can provide assistance in the drainage planning process.