On Tuesday 27th March 2018, 5 members of the Sanderson’s team were invited to attend Lord Farringdon’s annual dinner.

The drinks were flowing and everything was going swimmingly until his Lordship left the room and suddenly there was a loud gunshot !

We were the last people to see him alive, so, naturally suspicion quickly turned to us. The quick thinking Colonel jumped to conclusions and before we knew it, we were bumbled into Lord Farringdon’s study and locked the door behind us while the police were called.

To prove our innocence we needed to work out the real identity of the murder, where he was killed, and with which murder weapon, so that we could tell the Police when they arrived to arrest us in an exactly 1 hour.

The study room was filled with a vast collection of riddles and clues (and also Easter Eggs for a seasonal touch) which needed to be solved in order to uncover the real culprit.

The 5 of us quickly got to work and with 11 minutes and 21 seconds to spare we finally cracked the code and escaped the room.

Stuck in the Riddle

Although we got out with time to spare it was far from straight forward. Our escape should be mainly credited to Cryptic Carly who jumped from puzzle to puzzle whilst I stood staring at a broken clock for 15 minutes trying to work out what time it was, Luke stood fumbling around with a combination padlock whilst his eyesight slowly deteriorated, Ash had a long telephone conversation with a fictional character, and Darren went round eating all the hidden Easter Eggs.

We all enjoyed the evening very much and would definitely recommend ‘Stuck in the Riddle’ for events in the future.