‘Gillygate’ in the centre of York has being undergoing Major Gas Main upgrades since the 22nd February 2010 and these will continue until the 1st April 2010, to carry out the work safely Gillygate was closed to traffic between its junctions with Bootham and Lord Mayor’s Walk which forms part of the Inner Ring Road.

The result of the road closure has created a change in the major traffic patterns around some of the roads within the City centre of York. This has reduced some of the peak time travel times to the benefit of many commuters on certain sections of the Ring Road whom are now calling for ‘Gillygate’ to be closed and turned into a pedestrianised shopping area in the future.

These proposals have created a lot of questions and Alison France, Managing Director of Sanderson Associates was invited to answer some of the technical queries regarding the process of closing a highway by BBC Radio York.

Alison attended the breakfast show at Radio York on Monday 22nd March 2010 and was interviewed by Adam Tomlinson to answer some of the more technical issues regarding the process of closing a public highway.